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  1. Dear Friends:

    Thank you for all your messages of support. Brian passed away peacefully in my arms with close family at his bedside on July 15th at 21:32 here in England.

    It feels so strange to write about Brian in the past tense, so please bear with me if I have made any mistakes along the way in my following notes.

    Brian was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of January, just two days after we had returned from our long winter vacation in the Indian Ocean. He was just very tired and had to sleep most the time. We first thought it was jet-lag, but I also noticed that he was having problems with his dexterity on the left hand side. A minor stroke was ruled out by the doctors as this man was running 7Km every day and all his organs were shown to be functioning well. MRI and CAT scans revealed the worst type of brain tumour one can get — Glioblastoma grade 4. Brian was under the best care of the oncology multi-disciplinary team at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. It is the best in Europe and they are proud of it.

    Brian had an amazing trip to Sweden and Finland for a week in May. With the help of Kennon lugging our suitcases and pushing the wheelchair, we managed to travel from dot to dot, by cars, planes even trains and attended the Finlandia 2017 stamp exhibition in Tampere. He was really happy and he especially enjoyed eating reindeer meat again!
    The icing on the cake was that his Early Classic Haiti stamp collection won a Large Gold medal.

    Brian came through the first phase of treatment like a hero with radiotherapy and chemotherapy on an accelerated program by taking both in just half the time but double the dose. He had very minimal side effects apart from being very tired and weak. The steroids for controlling the swelling around the tumor had taken a lot of the strength away from his legs as well. His oncologists and the Macmillan Cancer nurse have said that they have never, ever seen any patient having taken all these treatments and still able to fly away and travel like Brian did.

    Each day, Brian would say “Another new morning, another new day!” and “I am still here and I am still smiling!”
    Brian continued his routine 45 minute daily walk to keep fit and keep fighting. He kept saying to himself, “Fight, fight, fight! One step in front of the other, stopping is not an option!”. Yet his circuit was completed bit more slowly each day – from running to fast walking, to just walking, then shuffling and finally at a snail’s pace, but he kept going even up to the start of the second phase of chemotherapy in early June. He also did a lot of walking during the trip at the exhibition hall in Tampere and on the Aaland Islands, a new countable destination for us. We now have traveled to 267 countries and territories.

    Our motto: “See this world before the next”!

    The second phase of chemotherapy started three days after coming home from Finland on May 31st. This phase comprised 5 days of drugs each month on a 6 months cycle. Unfortunately, he did not take it so well this time. His brain tumor had grown with a lot of swelling around it. It had affected his whole wellbeing, including not wanting to eat or drink.

    Brian was in hospital from June 7th to June 14th after his first five day course of the second phase of chemotherapy. He was home for 4 days but I could no longer safely care for Brian with his increased care needs after having done it single-handedly on my own 24/7 for five months since the end of January.

    We’ve had very good carers and night nurse support coming to the house during those 4 days at home, but Brian was at a point that he needed more care in terms of 24/7 medication evaluation, adjustment and on hand physician attention.

    From June 19th, Brian was admitted to the symptoms control unit in the beautiful manor house that is now the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice. Lots of beautiful flowers and water fountains were just outside our own suite through the French doors. The staff, nurses and doctors were most caring and kind.

    Under the 24/7 “One to One” care at the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall hospice, from that point on, I was supposed to step away and be a wife again, but I found it hard to let go and I still wanted to stay with Brian most of the day, I felt I “had to” make sure to feed him every meal so that he will eat more, etc… I just wanted to embrace every precious living moment with Brian.

    Brian never had any pain during this illness. The brain tumor had not affected his thinking as such. He said “1844” when I asked him what was the year of the INCLINADO of Brazil! On the 4th of July, I told him that I had put the flag up. He then duly reminded me not to forget to take it down before sundown. His biggest problem was the agitation which had developed about 5 weeks previously. It caused him to move non-stop, incessantly wanting to get up out of bed and then immediately lie down. This went on all day and all night long for the whole 5 weeks. It seemed as if his brain kept telling him the wrong messages due to the pressure on certain nerves.

    The doctors at the hospice began to suspect that he was in pain but that his brain did not recognize it as such. His agitation could have been an expression of his pain. The only way to let him relax was to give him medication to sleep, but the doctors did not want to knock him out all the time so that he could stay awake during part of the day. Unfortunately, this non-stop moving around up and down and in and out of bed continued through every waking moment for Brian. It was like sleep deprivation for him, he was exhausted – and I was exhausted.

    What else could I possibly have sourced to help more?
    Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Oil) for cancer in the USA, Spain or the Netherlands.
    Brian declined this option as it is still unlicensed and illegal in Great Britain.


    I will always be so very proud of Brian’s achievements.
    What an accolade to hear people allay any concerns about a philatelic item by simply exclaiming: “Moorhouse it”!
    It was an honour for Brian and myself that his surname “Moorhouse” became a verb in the philatelic world for his encyclopaedic knowledge and authority of authenticity in Latin American rare stamps and postal history. (Coined by two generations of Bolivia stamp collectors, Dr. Frank Lucas and his late father Franz Lucas.)

    Fun but interesting:
    I have been told that from now on, any philatelic material that has been “Moorhoused” will probably go up in value in a year or two!……We shall see!!

    Brian’s photographic memory and his very sharp eyes for details had given him the edge in becoming an expert in the field. His accumulated experience, passion and professionalism in philately, his willingness to give his time and share his knowledge with everyone, his attitude of fairness to all plus having handled such a vast amount of material over the 45 years – have earned his unchallenged authority with great respect the world over.

    Brian’s famous one-liners were:
    “If I haven’t seen it – it has to be rare!” and “Show me another one”!

    His business motto was:
    “If you keep your word and pay people, you will always be trusted and have no problem in doing business!”

    Respect, has to be earned – Brian has done just that!


    Brian always took great pride in me and was always my loudest cheer-leader. He offered me unlimited freedom, support and confidence to reach far and aim high. I am forever grateful to Brian for his love and encouragement to turn my hobby into a profession by being a Classical Chinese Feng Shui Master. I have taken the insight and inspiration of Brian’s success by focusing on specializing my knowledge onto a higher level of Feng Shui in Chinese metaphysics. Brian applauded my decision in daring to be different by taking my own knowledge and influence to thousands of other Feng Shui practitioners in the world. I teach “Day Selection” – to find an auspicious time for certain pursuits and events. Over the last dozen or more years, my teachings have reached far – from Kazakhstan and Ukraine to Russia, from Europe to Asia and USA.

    I was very mindful of always putting our own Stamp Business as our top priority in the great scheme of things.

    It was a disappointment to us both that I was not able to complete my book before Brian’s passing. The draft was finished just days before Brian became ill, but all I wanted was to be by Brian’s side to nurse him and just to be with him.

    On a more positive note, the creation of my own “Luopan” – the Chinese Feng Shui Compasses – was successfully produced in November 2016 and Brian was over the moon with me!
    They are truly beautiful and in total perfection. Brian even has signed the back of one of them to mark it as his own – even though he had no idea how to use it!

    Singing – Brian has always loved my singing. He never failed to embarrass me by getting me to sing at awkward occasions! Having been a trained as a voice student some 40 year ago back in San Francisco did not mean that I could sing at an older age without continuous training! He didn’t care, as always, he would just be smiling proudly with a big broad grin from ear to ear and with his huge big eyes looking at me!

    Two days before his passing at the hospice, with Tiyen playing the back ground guitar, I sang our favorite dancing song by Leonard Cohen, “Dance Me To The End Of Love”.
    I miss him so….

    Brian died peacefully in my arms and with all the children holding his hands at his bedside on Saturday, 15th of July 2017 at Thorpe Hall Sue Ryder Home Hospice in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire U.K.

    To honor the wish of Brian, there was no funeral but a dignified and graceful cremation service was held by just the close family members on Friday the 28th July in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

    I have chosen to play songs from some of Brian’s favorite artists. Hallelujah, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, the Animals, John Lennon, last but not least — a song so be-fitted for Brian – the “Street Fighting Man” from the Rolling Stones!

    The hearse has stopped by the front door of our house and Brian has visited his house one last time before his cremation. He was surrounded by at least 2 dozens of friends who have surprised us by turning up to wave their final Farewell to this wonderful and courageous man – their friend and neighbor.

    Brian’s ashes was scattered in the natural large woodland park behind our house where Brian had run his daily 7 to 9 kilometer circuit regularly for the last 35 years, also over the bluebell fields and by the river bank where we used to sit on a bench – just listening to each other’s heart-beats and holding hands.

    I have reserved some of his ashes to be scattered in the Yorkshire moorland area where he came from, also some will be scattered in San Francisco Bay, my old home – his home away from home.

    Brian loved the idea that I will continue to run the stamp business within my ability, to travel and keep on collecting more countries; seeing the world, giving lectures in different countries when I can…and to finish writing my book!
    Life has to go on…


    It has been a great privilege to have met many of you over the last 31 years alongside Brian.
    I plan on carrying on doing the business in a limited function, obviously… I am not able to offer any expert knowledge, but I am open to facilitate sending scans and arranging an odd visit to look through our stock here in Peterborough.

    My biggest ambition yet is to host our booth at London 2020 on my own!
    Please check his website, brianmoorhouse.com from time to time for news.

    The truth of the matter is, I cannot bear the thought of giving up on our philatelic friends….. to many, I feel as if I have grown up with you half my life!

    As for Brian’s extensive Latin America philatelic library – all being well and within reason, I am willing to help provide access to these references on-site but subject to my availability.

    I am holding a “Celebration of Life” for Brian at the London Royal Philatelic Society on 2nd October 2017 from 1100 to 1400.
    There will be a display of the above mentioned Haiti collection in 8 frames. Most importantly, we shall raise a glass and say “cheers” to the life of Brian, to a Latin American Rare Stamp and Postal History expert for the last 45 years who didn’t speak Spanish!

    A charming side note:
    To speak Spanish – Brian used to make fun by putting an “o” at the end of some words to make them sound Spanish… Coff-o, Tenn-o, Mov-o, Lunch-o, Beaut-o, Happ-o, Sorr-o, Noch-o, Morn-o, prom-o… Muy Good! My sisters Patricia, Esther and Tammy have been all Patricio, Estho and Tammo to him!

    Thank you for sending the cards and letters with such beautiful words, the heartfelt and meaningful emails, and also the special tributes in the Memory Guestbook for Brian. All your positive observations toward Brian and myself, as well as your endorsements to Brian’s accomplishments will become my main source of “motivation and comfort” for the next few months and for the rest of my life.

    Please do feel free to email me at “brian@moorhouse.com” or “mimi@moorhouse.com” anytime or call me after the end of this month at the same business number +44-1733-268708 / my mobile +44-777-8673888, I would be so pleased to speak to some of you.
    I am collaborating with Corinphila in Switzerland to produce an Edition d’Or series publication in memory of Brian Moorhouse and featuring his latest Large Gold Medal collection from Finlandia, The Classic Stamps of Haiti – The 1881-87 “Liberty Head” Issues.

    In addition, Brian has been invited to place the images of his Haiti collection on the Internet Museum of Philately in Genève, Switzerland. It is a site dedicated to the best collections that can be preserved and accessed for time immemorial, anytime, anywhere; at least as long as the Internet survives.


    As for me, I have no words to express to you how I feel at this moment in time – ask me later, maybe!
    I love baking my sourdough bread which Brian loved – he used to watch me doing the “final shaping” in the kitchen… but even sourdough bread does not interest me any more, not now anyway!

    I considered it as our blessing that I could care for and be with Brian during this heart-breaking 6 month journey from the start to the end. I would not have survived all these months fighting alongside Brian had it not been for Brian’s incredible strength and positive attitude – It was him, who was pulling me along. He was such an admirable courageous fighter – even down to his last breath!

    A synergy as one. On more than one occasion, Brian said and wrote to me: “You and only you can read the hieroglyphics engraved in my heart”…

    I was amazed and heartened to have found a unique way to communicate with the conscious but seemingly “Sleeping” Brian up to his dying hour. I was able to “read” his communication too!

    We shared a perfect 31 years of unconditional love for each other – To put a quote from what Brian wrote to me on Valentine’s Day this year – “A simple Twist of Fate brought us together…a dropped ring on the floor of an elevator on the other side of the world followed by sitting in adjoining seats on a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Both million to 1 shots but how perfect! How precious! How magic! “Brian and I both agreed that our long marathon romance has been a truly memorable and wonderful fairy tale bliss! We have lived the life we chose and loved each other with such intense passion, which we only wished that we could have continued longer.
    Brian will be omnipresent wherever I am – always in my heart.

    A heartwarming fact :
    My sister, Esther, has reminded me that apart from the odd traveling Brian and I have done independently over the 31 years; be it at home or away, Brian and I have always stayed together 24 hours a day! In comparison, this would be the equivalent of 60 years together as an average couple! The thought of this has given me a big smile.

    Although Brian always said he would forgive me instantly on anything –
    I have asked for his forgiveness, if I have said hurtful things to him during this long passage of our married life.

    In the hospice, we have quietly exchanged our vows and married again on 13th of July, I told him I would love him forever and he moved his eyelid.

    Our 29th wedding anniversary was on the 23rd of July, just 8 days after Brian’s passing.
    I miss him so….

    On Brian’s Birthday, 16th August 2017
    We sang Happy Birthday to Brian in anticipation – just hours before his passing.

    We have none.

    Brian is pain free and no longer suffering. His face and body seemed beautifully relaxed and peaceful in a smooth ivory color as he lay in his final state.

    In closing –
    Briancito : My precious tender loving darling husband, lover, protector, mentor, soulmate, business partner, listener, pain-soother, handyman, fun-loving friend, dancing partner, 150+ diving buddy, travel companion of 267 countries, an icon and legend who is respected by many from the four corners of the world, a Rolling Stones look-alike, a brave and courageous man to lean my head on, a creative problem solving “Google” of my life… my loudest cheer-leader, someone who has adored me and cherished me, most of all – spoiled me rotten and loves me forever.
    FIND ME!
    FIND ME!
    FIND ME!

    Goodbye’s too good a word, Briancito – So I’ll just say fare thee well! (Bob Dylan)

    As quoted by one of our dearest friends, Erich von Hungen, “Being at very least The Mick Jagger of Philately, you do have a heavy fan-base!”

    Yes, after 45 years of devotion to philately, the legend and Rock Star of Philately has made his final bow to the final curtain.

    Love, Eternal love,


    Brian’s Private Family Send-Off on Friday, July 28th, 2017

    Brian Moorhouse
    16th August 1949 – 15th July 2017
    Peterborough Crematorium
    Friday 28th July 2017 at 9am

    Entrance –
    Music: Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

    Introduction –
    Music: Mr.Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan

    Personal Tribute – Mimi
    Music: Stand by Me – John Lennon

    Personal Tribute – Kylie, Nadine and Leana
    Music: You Can Let Go – Crystal Shawanda

    Personal Tribute – Tiyen and Kennon
    Music: House of The Rising Sun – The Animals

    Tribute – Brian’s Remarkable Life
    Music: Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones

    Farewell – Words of Farewell
    Music: Dance Me to the End of Love – sung to Brian by Mimi

    Closing –
    Music: Suzanne – Leonard Cohen

    Instead of flowers, I would appreciate it very much if you could please send your donations to the charity groups listed on top of this page:
    Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Hall, the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity, and the Brain Tumor Charity. Thank you.



  2. The Rolling Stones provided a riff that ran through Brian’s life. Firstly, he had that look – how could he fail as a student, selling art door to door to housewives ? Then by a quirk of fate, he actually became involved with the Rolling Stones. They needed food supplies at a concert, he provided it. In due course, Marianne Faithfull sold her sofa to Brian, and later I in turn acquired it when Brian was moving from his flat in London. I still have and cherish the sofa – relaxing on it, I always think of Brian, how could I forget? We met through stamps, early days for both of us, briefly he needed a little help setting up South American Stamp Supplies. Little did I guess how significant he was to become in the world of traditional philately. He had a sharp mind, extensive knowledge and a photographic memory, understood people and charmed the older generation. This was behind his meteoric rise. He became known for trust in business and the rest followed. Over the years our paths crossed in Brazil, San Francisco, Germany, other corners of the globe. When I first met him, he was hungry for life but still on a quest. From the day that he met Mimi, the quest ceased, he found his love and soul-mate. Maybe life is just a shooting star in a night of eternity, but Brian showed how to make work and love both unite and shine. Mimi, we’re so sad that he has gone, but always cherish the knowledge that he gave and the love that you shared. It was wonderful. We shall never forget.

    John Barefoot
    York, UK

  3. Hello Mimi,

    David Wrigley here in Bangkok.

    Very sad news about Brian. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    He was your world and Brian to you. Words did not have to be expressed it was written on your faces. Brian as we know did some great STAMP deals but he told me once the best deal (metaphorically speaking) he ever did was the day he met you !.

    I was just thinking I first met Brian back in the hot summer of 76, I’d just left school at 16 and worked in the Strand. Brian was adjacent in Maiden Lane with Stamp Collecting Weekly. Seems like yesterday.

    I’m glad you managed to have one last trip together to Finland. Perhaps you do not remember you and Brian and I ate a supper together in Helsinki at the last International maybe 20 years ago. I ate river Pike and Brian had Reindeer.

    Chris Rainey has been in constant touch with me and I new Brian had gone into care the other day.

    When I saw you both at Stampex you mentioned your son was coming over to be with you for support during the first treatments. I assume you are not alone in this difficult time.

    Well i’ve already had two people ask me this morning for your email, Brian will be missed by so many people.

    Please take care i’m here now in Bangkok until September when I will return for Stampex. We have Bandung in the next two weeks. That’s another thing you and Brian turned up in the most unexpected places like Taipei last November.

    David Wrigley
    Bangkok, Thailand

  4. My Dearest Mimi,

    I open this letter with all the sentiments that I closed my last — but doubled. I wish you: strength, courage, empathy, insight, understanding, wisdom and the power to go on.

    But I would also like to remind you of the number 267, that marked your stay with Brian on Mariehamn Island — 267, your number and his. For me and others, we might say 8 as a number or 10, maybe a dozen, probably less, but you, together, lived 10 lifetimes or more in comparison — and such bright, full lifetimes. Consequently, I would like to say at this awful time of grief, please notice that grief comes in more than one form. There is the grief based on lives lived too small — on regret, that is. And there is grief base on joy so great and full that you naturally want more, which is a far, far cry from regret. And that is your grief — a grief of fullness not of emptiness, not of lacking. It means you MADE each others lives — happy, ecstatic lives based on the kind of love few ever experience. It means you have memories, landmarks of the heart that together you constructed. It means your grief is rich, not meager. I am so, so sorry, but please look around at “the palace of the heart” that you built — and go there, when you need to rest. Now though, stay busy, and please let those around you help.

    To make what I am saying clearer, I send the following poem that I wrote for the two of you:


    Dripping light,

    One swoops into a perfect swan;

    Another does not —

    The sound of the dive,

    That is in fact more of a fall,

    Enters us through hearing, seeing,

    Shakes and rattles us

    Like stiffened useless papers.

    One, hands high as if in praise,

    Turns a somersault;

    Another, turns a double;

    Corkscrews come from the sides,

    Toward left and right;

    Backwards is another way

    But higher than its beginning.

    The board thrums with whatever lift they can bring to it,

    Then waits still for the next.

    They all go down.

    They all are swallowed into ending,

    But it is the way they go,

    That trip of seconds that they trained years to complete.

    It is for that,

    That handful of instants that they’ve lived:

    Perfect in their drop,

    A kind of graceful flight.

    The divers are all lined up:

    Gravity? A fall?

    Or something more than gravity can know,

    In that thing

    That happens to us all?

    Mimi, my broken heart is with you as are so many others. Make something of them — all those hearts. and go on knowing that you have known love and that it will accompany you always.

    With deepest sympathy,

    Erich von Hungen
    San Francisco, California USA

  5. Dearest Mimi,

    As my heart was breaking reading your note, I knew that yours was already broken. You were blessed with an incredible man whose heart and soul were always in sync with yours. Truly, there are very very few people lucky enough to meet, love, and spend a good portion of their lives with the person who completes them. You and Brian were blessed. To say that you have my sympathy and to say I am sorry cannot even begin to express my sorrow for you. Brian not only loved you, he adored you. Truly, the two of you were the two hearts that beat as one. Please always remember that you were not simply loved, but cherished and adored, and please let that be a comfort to you. What you and Brian had was rare – it is what most people wish for, but very few are fortunate enough to find – true lasting love. I pray that the love you have (present tense because the love you have will never die) will keep you going through the days ahead. Your sorrow will feel overwhelming, but listen in the silence (or to Robert Plante or Leonard Cohen) and you’ll hear Brian giving you the strength to keep going. He’ll never stop loving you or looking out for you.

    My deepest sympathy and love,
    Gisele Day
    Parker, Colorado USA

  6. Dear Mimi,
    I was so deeply saddened to hear of Brian’s passing and my thoughts are with you. Looking at the sheer number of names of those who have sent condolences, and how so many of them remember Brian not just as a uniquely gifted philatelist but as a special human too, emphasizes how massive a loss he is on multiple levels.
    I first met Brian in the early 1980s at the auctions he held near Marble Arch and was struck straight away with how knowledgeable he was even then and how willing to pass on that knowledge, as well as how totally honest and straightforward were his assessments of his material. In addition, he was always the most cheerful and amiable person, seemingly having time for everyone.
    In the 35 years since, of course, his knowledge and expertise grew to a level probably unequalled by anyone ever in his field, whilst his rising status and importance within the circle of Latin America philately did not change the man in the least – and that is such a rare accomplishment in itself.
    It is overly fashionable to say that someone is irreplaceable but, in the case of Brian, it is manifestly true. Totally irreplaceable for you, Mimi, of course, in ways that it would be hard for us even to imagine. For the many of us who might need a difficult Latin American question answering or just want to ‘talk Latin American philately’ in a convivial atmosphere with someone from whom we know that we would inevitably learn something new each time, there is now a great void, but also so many special memories of an exceptional man.

    Andrew Fowler
    England, UK

  7. Philately and the Rolling Stones, the Passions the to two two of Brian. Celebrating his life now, thanks for helping so many philatelists advancing their collections and Latin American philately to be recognized in importance at major stamp shows around the world. You’ll be missed. My condolences to Mimi and your family.

    Henry Marquez
    Fremont, California USA

  8. Dear Mimi,

    I was devastated when I heard the news. I had hoped that Brian would manage to pull through with his usual indomitable spirit and I am so sad that it didn’t happen.

    Since we spoke briefly on the phone, I have been struggling to put into words my feelings about this tragic event. I did not really know Brian and yourself outside of a philatelic context, but it was self-evident how much you loved and cared for each other. Words are never really adequate to express one’s feelings, but I send you my heartfelt condolences to you and all of your family for your loss.

    Mimi, please remember you are not alone. You can see from the eulogies from all over the world how much you and Brian are loved and we are willing to help in any way possible. Your love for Brian will help you through and one advantage is that you both managed to pack in so many wonderful places and moments in your time together that you will have a mountain of memories to cherish and sustain you.

    As many have mentioned here, Brian was a colossus in the philatelic world. Highly respected and the go-to person in every aspect of Latin American philately. His absence leaves a hole which can never be adequately filled. But more important than his depth of knowledge was his willingness to share it and provide guidance for collectors at all levels with patience and kindness. I will miss my friend.

    With love

    Mike Nelson
    Surrey, England

  9. Although I did not know Brian as well or was as close to Brian as others, we would see each other at various shows throughout the world and exchange pleasantries.
    I admired the niche market Brian had created together with his vast knowledge and experise in the stamps and postal history of South and Latin America.
    In fact Brian was one of the catalysts and inspirations in the formation of my own specialised dealings and for that I will remain eternally grateful.
    The philatelic world has lost one of the most knowledgeable of dealer’s and collector’s who’s
    exhibits were first class and awarded many high level awards.
    As a collector and dealer Brian could see both sides of the industry and was attuned to both.
    Brian himself will be missed but with the intention of Mimi to continue the business Brian’s name lives on, rest in peace my friend.

    Mike White
    Bang Saray, Sattahip, Thailand

  10. My Dear Mimi,

    Both Sylvia and I are devastated to hear about Brian. Our affection for both of you is beyond compare and measure. We simply cannot stop contain ourselves from crying. We beg of you, if there is anything and I mean anything we can do for you, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask and it will be done for you.

    We both LOVE you and look forward to hearing from you at your leisure.

    May God rest Brian’s soul and keep him near as he is a wonderful spirit.

    Our deepest and heartfelt condolences.

    Ariel and Sylvia Hasid.
    Florida USA

  11. Dear Mimi,

    I have just received the very sad news of the death of Brian. My deepest condolences for you and the whole family, also from Guido’s side.

    I am especially moved remembering him; he was not only a very nice, special person, but also an excellent philatelist. He is one of the most important experts in the history of philately, and undoubtedly the best expert of Latin American philately ever. He was the only reliable expert and the reference for Latin America; indeed Guido Craveri wanted (and has) all his current collections of South America to be expertized by him.

    For me, as a philatelist mainly dedicated to Latin America, Brian is, and will always be, an example to follow. I consider it a privilege to have met him. I especially remember with affection the day on which we were working together in Peterborough for one day, with a collection of Brazil, in 2010: an exciting time which was a honour to share with him.

    It was nice to have seen him, you and have met your son in Tampere, but I am sorry to not have seen him again to say goodbye; I guess he can hear us from the heavens.

    Now that I am afar, in New York, I regret not to have been able to pay my last respects to him. In about ten days I will be in England for some work in our London office, and I would like to bring some flowers to his grave. If you are in Peterborough, I would also like to see you.

    I have decided to not call you today as I do not want to disturb you in these early days, and I have preferred to send you this email. I will call you at a later date this week, as Guido will also do.

    My warmest regards,

    Fernando Martinez

  12. Dear Mimi,

    A great loss for the philatelic world and specially for Latin American.
    A great loss for all his friends and and specially for the closer friends.
    An unthinkable loss for yourself.

    Everaldo Santos
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  13. Mimi,

    Please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing of your dear husband, Brian. I reach out to you at this very difficult time because Brian was a good friend and colleague. I first met Brian in the early 80’s, as I am a long-time collector of Peru. He was always very helpful and was quick to share his encyclopedic knowledge of stamps with a collector, such as myself, who was wanting to learn. Seeing you and Brian at the major stamp shows was always one of the highlights of the shows for me. All of us who knew him will miss him very much. He was a shining star in a world that has altogether too few. My prayers are with Brian, you, and your entire family at this time. Always keep him in your heart and he will never leave you.

    All my best,

    Al Houed

  14. Dear, poor Mimi,

    what a sad, what a terrible news…

    The world has lost a good man and heaven has got a
    good man.

    My heart and thoughts are with you. We both have something in common:
    For us Brian will never die… He will survive.. In your mind as your wonderful
    husband, in my mind as a very good friend and as the absolutely gentleman of philately.

    I remember very well our last meeting in Peterborough when you told the
    lovely story of your first meeting with Brian. It was such a great athmosphere
    between Brian and you that I thought: This is a couple for eternity. Sometimes
    eternity is too short…

    Stay strong, dear Mimi. If I can help you in any way give me a signal, mail me
    or call me

    I don`t know how you will say good bye to Brian. If there are funeral obsequies
    I would be glad to be in Peterborough to accompany Brian on his last journey.

    Sad greetings from Germany
    Wolfgang Windel

  15. Dear Mimi,
    I am so sorry that Brian has gone on. He was such a good person and a friend for 45 years. I will really miss him. There is nothing else that I can say other than that I am crying for the loss to the world.
    Abrasos from everyone in Costa Rica.
    Love for always.

    Giana Wayman
    San Jose, Costa Rica

  16. Lamentamos informar que en el día de ayer 15 de julio, ha fallecido el Sr. Brian Moorhouse, debido a la cruel enfermedad que padecía en los últimos meses.

    Brian residía en Peterborough, Inglaterra, reconocido comerciante, estaba especializado en la filatelia latinoamericana, por lo que su relación con muchísimos colegas de nuestro continente era constante.

    Se lo podía encontrar en todas las exposiciones, en distintos países de todo el mundo.

    Brian también era experto en emisiones latinoamericanas, por lo que frecuentemente era consultado por la autenticidad de numerosas piezas.

    Siendo Jurado F.I.P., participó en múltiples exposiciones, siendo la última en Philataipei 2016

    Pero por sobre todas sus funciones, siempre estaba dispuesto a compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias y siempre fue de ayuda a todos aquellos que querían escribir artículos, libros y montar colecciones referidas a la filatelia americana. Sin dudas es una gran pérdida.

    Hacemos llegar a su señora esposa y a sus familiares y amigos nuestras sinceras condolencias.


    We regret to report that on July 15, Mr. Brian Moorhouse died, due to the cruel illness he had suffered in recent months.

    Brian resided in Peterborough, England, a recognized merchant, specialized in Latin American philately, so his relationship with many colleagues in our continent was constant.

    It could be found in all exhibitions, in different countries around the world.

    Brian was also an expert on Latin American broadcasts, so he was frequently consulted for the authenticity of numerous pieces.

    Being Jurado F.I.P., participated in multiple expositions, being the last one in Philataipei 2016

    But above all his functions, he was always willing to share his knowledge and experiences and was always of help to all those who wanted to write articles, books and assemble collections related to American philately. No doubt it is a great loss.

    We send our sincere condolences to his wife and his relatives and friends.

  17. A genius is gone, we are very sad!!!!
    Dear Mimi, me and Elena are very sad for this bad very bad news.

    Paul Novoa

    Brian Moorhouse has left, yesterday July 15th, Mr. Brian Moorhouse has ceased to exist, a long illness overcame him. He has died without doubt the most important expert that had the Latin American philately today. We will never see again the genius, the friend, the attentive gentleman, the companion, the great master, a great loss for all of us, and a great sadness seizes the whole environment. We had hardly seen him from Jury in Taipei a few months ago, less than a year, we listened diligently, his teachings, his wisdom, and most of all the touch to us of the emotional and sometimes euphoric Latin, his depth, his words, his Calm down, still flutter in the atmosphere, we’ll miss Brian. Our sentiments of support in these sad moments to his Mrs. Wife Mimi, to our English colleagues and a solidarity hug to all the Latin American philatelists that we feel this so sad and unexpected news.


  18. Dear Mimi
    We were shocked upon learning on the untimely passing of Brian, I lose a very good friend and mentor. Brian is indeed irreplaceable for Latin America philately, what a lost.
    Ou r prayer ,sympathy is with With you at this unfortunate time. Again please accept our deepest sympathy and condolence.

    David and Vilma Chiong
    The Philippines

  19. Dear Mimi,

    Deepest condolences on the loss of your dear Brian.

    Michael Schreiber

  20. Dear Mimi,

    With great sadness, we heard about Brian’s passing.

    We would like to send our deepest condolences.

    From Dragan, Zdenka and all the family
    Gold Coast, Australia

  21. Mimi E Ma,

    My heart is so heavy and I don’t know what to say– I’m sorry. You are incredibly strong, courageous, and full of love and light. Sending you a big virtual hug and lots of love.

    Take care,
    On-Yee (Niece)
    San Mateo, California USA

  22. Dear Friend
    I am sure you will read this line where ever
    You are, thank you for all you kindness and
    Time you gave me in Philatelic kowlege…
    I will surely miss you
    Adios amigo

    Pablo Reim
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  23. Dearest Mimi,

    Just heard the news. Devastating !
    Renews the message to live each day as best we can !
    As long as I’m around, you have an old friend here….
    Bon Courage …..

    Your dedicated words are beautiful and a fine tribute to a great man.

    I realise Brian and I share one more thing together : that our ashes be spread around the earthly place that has meant so much in daily life.

    I say he was a GREAT man because he was so full of humility. He was a rare example of honesty and integrity in a professional sphere which has so many influences to the opposite….that’s why, in my eyes, he has always stood out and why I never had any hesitation to introduce him to my best clients.

    So many of my thoughts are with you (and him) these days,

    As ever, David

    David Feldman
    Geneve, Switzerland

  24. Dear Mimi:
    I have just been informed of Brian death. He looked so good while in Panmá, Please receive my condolences with sincere thoughts for you.


    KIKO Arosemena
    Panama City, Panama

  25. Dear Mimi and family.
    It only seems like a few years since we saw you both here in New Zealand and you were able to dine with us at our home.

    I first met Brian when he was in his late teens (I guess) when he was being mentored by Derek Bolton in London.
    When he set up Latin American Auctions I religiously organized my trips to UK from Saudi Arabia and later New Zealand to attend his annual auctions.

    It was through Brian’s great knowledge that I was able to put together a specialized collection of one issue from each of the Latin American Republics and thanks to him they have given me great joy for well over 45 years.

    His death on the 15th came a great shock to all who new him and I learned of it via a post on Meximail from the Expert Committee of Mepsi.’
    Once again my greatest sympathies to all of you and we are so sorry to have lost such a great and generous friend.

    (C Martin Spufford)
    Auckland, New Zealand

  26. With my deepest condolences to Mimi, I’m saddened at the passing of Brian Moorhouse … Champion, custodian, caretaker, curator and connoisseur of Latin American philately and philatelists …

    Dearest Mimi,

    I wish you and the family peace and strength in these difficult times. Brian was a wonderful mentor to many, and I cherish the knowledge I gained and friendship I enjoyed with him these many years…

    Carlos Vergara
    Chicago USA

  27. Dear Mimi,

    This was a very sad weekend for anyone who knew Brian.
    We are all deeply moved and send our warm regards.

    Victor Jorge Gugliano, Susana and all our Family.
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  28. Dear Mimi,

    I don´t have words enough to say how sorry I am. Please accept my friendship as a way to say I will always stay around.

    Alvaro Castro-Harrigan
    San José, Costa Rica

  29. Dear Mimi,

    Awful news. I had so hoped Brian would have won the battle. It was not to be. For us collectors he was Latin American philately, iti standard bearer, ever reliable source of knowledge and guidance, and good friend.

    Our thoughts are with you and the family at this difficult time. Our deepest condolences.

    Ted Collins
    Reading UK

  30. Dear Mimi:

    I am terribly saddened to hear of Brian’s passing. He was a great human being and will be sorely missed. He leave an enormous vacuum in Latin American philately.

    My sincere condolences to you and the family.

    Yamil Kouri

  31. Dear Mimi
    My sincerest condolences on Brian’s death. He will be greatly missed for his knowledge and expertise, and the humility with which he shared it. My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

    Richard Gash
    Reading UK

  32. I came back to the city from Taboga, a typical volcanic island with small mountains 10 miles from Panama city where we have a house and no internet to learn of Brian death.
    Many years ago Brian wrote me that he wanted to come to Panama with Mimi for two weeks and visit Bocas del Toro and San Blas since they counted as 3 places in their quest to visit as many countries and entities of the world as possible. Brian and Mimi were gracious enough to accept our invitation to stay with us in our city and island home and to travel together to San Blas and Bocas del Toro.
    When in Taboga Brian woke up early every day, put on his running shoes to climb a mountain that has a white cross overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Climbing to this cross is no easy task since there are no roads and a very unstable and rocky path to it. This cross was built in the 1800´s by a grieving father in memory of his young son. From the balcony of our house in Taboga we have a clear view of this mountain and its very large white cross. When in Taboga again, I will look up and see the cross to remind me that my friend is gone and with his departure the philately of Latin America will not be same.

    Federico Brid
    Panama City, Panama

  33. Dear Mimi,
    I just want to give my deepest sympathy and my prayers to you and your family on these sad news. For many years Brian was a mentor, a friend and a supporter of the El Salvador handbook project; his help was crucial in getting the job done. After many years of emails, I was honored to finally meet him in Rio in 2013, and again in New York last year. I will miss his advice and his great comments… Un abrazo.

    Guillermo Gallegos

  34. Dear Mimi.

    I got the message and its with great sadness to hear that he has passed away.

    He gave so much inspiration to me and all other latin american collectors.
    In more than 20 years I have met Brian and you around the world and also at your nice home in Peterborough.
    It has been great to be together with you both.

    Peace over his good memories

    All the best
    Eivind Lund

  35. Dear Mimi E Ma,

    I learned that Uncle B is no longer here and wanted to say my condolences. Mom told me you both went through hard times these months. I hope you are holding up ok and need you to know we are all thinking of you. As for Uncle Brian, I remember Uncle B the most when you guys let us stay with you in Peterborough; He told fun stories and never had a dull moment. He’ll be missed. We are here for you and let us know if you need anything.

    Paul Leung (Nephew)
    San Mateo, California USA

  36. Mimi,

    I’m sorry to hear of your loss.
    The ‘stamp man’ was well loved by many and mattered.
    He’s now in a place of peace.
    Children, you and yours will see him again.
    On that I do believe.
    May God’s Peace be with you and yours.

    Scott. R. Kirkman
    San Francisco, California USA

  37. John Dibiase ‘s
    Greatest Condolences to Mimi – a very fine gentleman.

    luca Lavagnino
    Lavagnino luca Philately Losses of one’s the main experts of Latin America. RIP.

    miguel Naranjo
    Miguel Naranjo La Filatelia de LUTO por la pérdida de nuestro querido amigo. Descansa en paz. Un verdadero privilegio haber conocido a un caballero de la filatelia. afe Ecuador

    aldo Samamé
    Samamé aldo the My Condolences to Mimi and a His family. Lima, Peru

    Miguel Jose Casielles
    Jose Casielles miguel Qepd

    david Vanderveen
    david Vanderveen Godspeed

    cheung Stampdoctor
    Stampdoctor cheung the RIP

    elizabeth Hisey
    Elizabeth Hisey
    He will of the BE missed.

    Migliavacca giorgio
    VERY the SAD Big Loss for all of us

  38. My sincere Condolences. He was remarkable for his philatelic knowledge, superior judging skills and a well balanced guy! He will be missed.

    Bernard Beston

  39. A great Philatelist is the lost to us, modest, the learned, and the above all courteous and kind. I’m so glad he could make it to Tampere to win his large gold medal for his Haiti. A model for all of us.

    Chris King
    England, UK

  40. A terrible loss of not only a great expert and fellow dealer but also of a good friend.
    As ever, Brian was courageous and determined throughout.
    My condolences to you, Mimi, and your family.

    Michael Chipperfield
    England UK

  41. Dearest Mimi,
    It was so deeply saddening to hear your news today. Circumstances have kept us apart for the last few years but our friendships remain embedded.
    Brian’s kindness and generosity are a fitting legacy for any man and is heartening to read how highly regarded he was by colleagues in your professional world. We only knew you as good friends, excellent hosts and great company; we can all forgive that peculiar fondness for Leonard Cohen.
    Take very good care of yourself and my very best wishes to you and your family.
    Your closeness to Brian, and his to you was a shining example of how things should be. Xx

    Martin Fallowfield
    England UK

  42. Dear Mimi,
    I am deeply sorry by the new of Brian passing.
    He will be truly missed, please receive my condolences.

    Juan Ceriani
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  43. Dear Mimi

    I really don’t know what I can say to comfort you as I know how painful your heart is at this moment.

    You and Brian are very good people, who are very kind to me and always help me. I love you both not only as my friends, but also as my aunt and uncle.

    I will never forget the day when I saw Brian at your house for the last time, who was very weak but still encouraged me to be strong and gave me a hug, so did you. I was so touched because you both brought the warmth into my heart even if you were in a difficult time.

    Please look after yourself well, please be strong. Brian’s love will always be around you.

    Xiaofeng Ji
    England, UK

  44. We will miss our dear friend!
    He shared his time and knowledge with warmth and dedication.
    Thank you! You made us all better….he will be truly miss.

    Andy Gazzolo
    Boston USA

  45. Querida Mimi

    Perdemos um grande amigo, o que lamentamos muito.
    A ausência dele será sentida por todos os que tiveram o privilégio de conhecê-lo e puderam partilhar de sua amizade.

    A Silvana está mandando um beijo carinhoso para você.

    E os nossos sentimentos estão também com você nesta hora.

    Puerto Alegre, Brazil

    We lost a great friend, which we regret a lot.
    His absence will be felt by all those who have had the privilege of knowing him and have been able to share his friendship.

    Silvana is sending you a sweet kiss.

    And our feelings are also with you in this hour.

  46. Uno de los referentes de la filatelia latinoamericana ha dejado de existir: Brian Moorhouse falleció el pasado 15 de julio a consecuencia de una penosa enfermedad.

    Brian era, sin duda, uno de los más conocidos comerciantes europeos especializados en la filatelia de los países latinoamericanos. Residía en Peterborough (Inglaterra), y era una presencia frecuente en las exposiciones internacionales, en las que participaba además en su calidad de jurado de la Federación Internacional de Filatelia.

    Durante el último tiempo, Brian Moorhouse se había integrado como socio número 19 del Ecuador Philatelic Study Group, cuyos primeros pasos contribuyó a impulsar.

    Fue un entusiasta propulsor del estudio de nuestra filatelia; probablemente su labor más destacada en este campo haya sido la publicación de The Mainsheet.

    Participó también activamente en el montaje y exhibición de colecciones. Su último premio lo obtuvo precisamente este año, en la exposición europea en Tampere (Finlanda), donde presentó su colección The early issues of Haiti, y recibió medalla de oro grande (95 puntos).

    Nuestra solidaridad para todos sus familiares y amigos, especialmente su esposa Mimi. Brian deja un vacío imposible de llenar. Paz en su tumba.

    One of the referents of Latin American philately has ceased to exist: Brian Moorhouse passed away on July 15 as a result of a painful illness.

    Brian was undoubtedly one of the best-known European merchants specializing in the philately of Latin American countries. He resided in Peterborough (England), and was a frequent presence in international exhibitions, in which he also participated as a jury of the International Federation of Philately.

    During the last time, Brian Moorhouse had been integrated like partner number 19 of Ecuador Philatelic Study Group, whose first steps contributed to impel.

    He was an enthusiastic propeller of the study of our philately; Probably his most outstanding work in this field has been the publication of The Mainsheet.

    He also participated actively in the assembly and exhibition of collections. His last prize was awarded this year at the European exhibition in Tampere (Finland), where he presented his collection The early issues of Haiti, and received a large gold medal (95 points).

    Our solidarity for all his family and friends, especially his wife Mimi. Brian leaves a void impossible to fill. Peace in his grave.

  47. El Grupo de Estudio Filatélico Ecuador expresa su pesar por el fallecimiento de uno de su más distinguidos socios. Brian se incorporó en sus últimos días a nuestro grupo y su presencia dio impulso a los trabajos de la naciente organización. Su partida deja un vacío imposible de llenar.

    The Ecuadorian Philatelic Study Group expresses its regret over the death of one of its most distinguished partners. Brian was incorporated in his last days to our group and its presence gave impulse to the works of the nascent organization. Their departure leaves a void impossible to fill.

    Ecuador Philtelic Study Group

  48. Me uno al dolor de amigos y familiares ante la pérdida de uno de los referentes de la filatelia latinoamericana. Mucho de lo que hemos aprendido y sabemos sobre nuestra filatelia, se lo debemos a Brian. Paz en su tumba.

    I join the pain of friends and relatives in the face of the loss of one of the references of Latin American philately. Much of what we have learned and know about our philately, we owe it to Brian. Peace in his grave.

    Juan Pablo Aguilar Andrade (Secretario de la FIAF)

  49. Dear Mimi,
    During the last 34 years, Brian was a very good friend. I knew Brain at Brasiliana 83.Dozens of internationals exhibitions and shows around the world, and the Brian’s both was a reference for all of us .I believe that in the next exhibitions will see an empty booth and this will be very painful.Brian will have for ever a high place in South American and Brazilian philately.
    Condolences in my name and Monica to you and Brian’s daughters.
    Hope to see you again

  50. Mimi, I sincerely grieve for you at this time but wish you all the best in your continuance of the business
    Best wishes
    Mike White
    Bang Saray, Sattahip, Thailand

  51. Dear Mimi,

    Well over 30 years ago I was introduced to Brian by Bob Magnesen, who won the Champion of Champions in 1976. He was of the opinion that Brian was the top dealer and expert in his field. No one since then has challenged that statement. More important to me was the generous way Brian shared his knowledge. He was always willing to take time for a friend. You have my deepest sympathy. You, of all of us, have lost the most. I hope the memories of years you had with each other will sustain you.

    Rich Drews
    Palatine, Illinois, USA

  52. Mimi,

    Can I extend my deepest sympathy to you and all the children on Brian passing.

    I remember Brian first and foremost as a kind and generous friend with a dry wit and a forensic knowledge of the geography of the World and its people.

    He was loyal to his friends and family and passionate in his love for you .

    I will remember him as the first person dancing at my daughter’s 21st to my awful rendition of “Jumping Jack Flash” and times we played tennis ( he always won) or jogged together ( he probably thought it was a walk I was so slow)

    Beverley and I will miss our dinners and long conversations where we put the World to rights.

    Brian was very much a pragmatist and highly intelligent man and I am sure he would want you to carry on his work Mimi and we wish you success in that regard and our love and best wishes to you always.

    Ken Specter
    England, UK

  53. Dear Mimi,

    Thank you for sharing Brian’s story. Both Brian and you show us strength, courage and love and we are so proud of you.

    The philately has lost an enthusiast and icon but I believe his spirit lives on. I hope you success in the 2020 exhibition and you will not be alone for I believe Brian will be by your side.

    Our thoughts are with you in this heartbreaking time. Please remember , you are embraced with love when you grieve and I hope every messages are able to ease some pain.

    May peace be with you.

    Alfred and Judy
    Hong Kong

  54. Dearest Mimi,

    From our days when I had just started at Gibbons i the early seventies, through to lunches with Derek Bolton, trips to South America with him and on through your wedding in Peterborough all those years ago, Brian and I have always had fun in and from philately. You know how much I will miss him and I know also that the entire world of philately will be a smaller, less interesting, place without him.

    You have been wonderful both for him and with him in this awful year,

    With much love

    Greg & Anabelle & Jack, Caspar & Daisy
    England, UK

  55. Dear Mimi ,

    I am sorry to be so late in writing but I was out of town for a long weekend and only heard on my return that Brian was no longer with us . I heard from David Wrigley who also told me today about the website . Reading the many comments posted there just emphasises your and our loss .

    The respect that our philatelic world held for Brian is so very obvious from the many tributes that have been paid from all around the globe . . It was not only his knowledge , judgement and acumen but also his friendship and the help and assistance which were freely given . Perhaps I needed more education than most but I certainly appreciated the often long chats when Brian did his best to bring me up to speed .

    On an entirely personal note I particularly remember the kindness that the two of you showed in allowing me to share your stand in Nuremberg in 1999 which was made all the more enjoyable by your good humour and company .

    As others have indicated you were a couple regarded as being truly joined at the hip sharing all the adventures of life . I hope the strength of your memories will help ease the pain of your loss.

    Michael Pugh

  56. Mimi, Brian’s knowledge on South American philately is certainly a loss. But from your testimony and from some emails we shared, his example on how to live and how to deal with adversities will remain.
    May you and your family be peacefull and keep on with the woderfull life time memories you have shared.

    Denis Forte
    São Paulo, Brazil

  57. Dear Mimi and family

    I was deeply upset to hear the news of Brian’s passing. He had let me know that he was facing the challenge of the brain tumour and I had really hoped he would overcome it. Sadly that was not to be. If there is anything I can help you with now or in the future don’t hesitate to ask.

    My deepest condolences

    England, UK

  58. Hello to the best and most compassionate wife, Mimi
    The news of Brian’s death shocked me and my family. We met with you almost 2 years ago on the plane when you were traveling to Iran. With just two days we felt that for years we knew you Because you really were a warm and happy family and we wanted to be more with you. Brian was a perfect man, very calm and lovely. When Brian Was in the hospital. I was contacting with you by WhatsApp،
    I was not aware of you for a while، I dare say I could not call you Because I was afraid that bad news would come from you.
    Until I heard Brian died.
    Brian was a very respectable man He is always alive for Us. He is alive for everyone, because I’m sure everyone likes Brian.
    Mimi Accept Our condolences please and Thank you for your great support to Brian during this period and really I am proud of you. I would love to see Brian in London But it was not possible.
    I wish I could go to his new home with a bouquet and talk to him.
    Mimi We are with you And I hope you will Accept our presence.
    Best Regard

    Abbas Jowkar
    Shiraz, Iran

  59. Dear Mimi,
    I am so sorry for your loss! Although I didn’t have the pleasure to meet Brian in person, the stories you told us during your visit in Italy, talking about him and your travels and experiences in such beautiful words, made me understand what a wonderful person he was. From the bottom of my heart, my sincerest condolences! Sending you lots of love and strength from Austria.

    Vanessa Baldassar

  60. Brian and you, together as a team – fond and happy memories.
    Brian was a brave man, and Mimi, you were in his corner.
    So much love & respect here – we all miss him.

    frank & liz
    England, UK

  61. Dear Mimi,
    I cannot say how sorry I was to hear the news of Brian’s passing. The courage and strength that Brian and you showed throughout his illness was a lesson to us all.

    I hope you can find some small solace in the heartfelt messages from friends and colleagues in his memory book. Brian clearly touched the lives of so many people around the world in important ways. That is a wonderful legacy. He will live on in the hearts of all those friends.

    Love and sympathy,
    Tom McHale
    Hong Kong

  62. Dearest Mimi

    It was with great sadness that I learned of Brian’s passing. I am truly and deeply heartbroken for you, I cannot imagine your pain right now, knowing how much you and Brian loved each other and enjoyed each others company so much. Take solace in knowing that what you two shared is a very special bond that is rare, and its something that will live inside you forever.

    My deepest and most heartfelt regrets

    Sonny Hagendorf
    Columbian Stamp Company

    New York, USA

  63. Dear Mimi,
    So sorry to hear of Brian’s passing. My sincere condolences. He was a giant amongst the philatelic community and helped many collectors develop great collections.
    Richard Gurevitch

    Air Commodore R.N. Gurevitch AO

  64. Dear Mrs Moorhouse
    I received very sad news about my friend Brian
    I remember that I met him in Madrid in the year 2000 and from then on we had a lot of contact. I’m going to miss him very much not to see him in the auctions of Zurich, Geneva London, New York, Derby, etc. or exhibitions of the worlwide
    Please accept my most heartfelt condolences for your loss.

    Jesus Sitjà
    Barcelona, Spain

  65. Dear Mimi,
    Please accept our condolences on Brian’s death. Nancy and I have always enjoyed our personal and professional interactions with you and Brian. He had a unique combination of philatelic knowledge, absolute integrity, and social graces. Your partnership, which we have witnessed for over 25 years was a pleasure to experience. Brian’s philatelic expertise was the gold standard – “ask Brian” was always my response when a serious question arose. He is irreplaceable, but we hope to see you as you continue in your new pathway through life .
    Neal & Nancy West

  66. Dear Mimi
    It is truly impossible to accept that Brian didn’t beat this horrible illness. For some reason I naively believed that he would. I knew him pretty much much forever and he was simply a decent and beautiful human being. With great sadness, our deep and profound sympathy to you and family.

    All the very best,
    Paul Buchsabyew
    New York, USA

  67. Dear Mimi,

    I send you my deepest condolences.
    Brian was a great philatelist! I know him for over 25 years.
    I remember, that we visit your auction in Peterborough 1995.
    And I have work with Brian from time to time and we change knowledge in Brazil philately for a long time.
    For the last time we see us in London 2015, and a little later, Brian give me important informations for my book Bull eyes on covers.
    Goodbye Brian, we will never forget you!

    Bernd and Gabriele Juchert,
    Kloster Lehnin Germany

  68. Dear Mimi,
    My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. What a devastating blow to the Latin American philatelic community. I met Brain some 35 years ago and we had an active ongoing relationship during the years I was a serious collector/exhibitor of my 19th. Century Honduras. I considered Brian a true friend and colleague. He will be sorely missed by all.

    Richard A. Washburn
    Lady Lake. Florida

  69. Mimi,

    I will sorely miss Brian. From my time when I entered the family business in 1975, then moved to SF in 1977 and first met you both there, through the times we would see each other when I worked in London, I always found Brian to a gentlemen, a class act in our sometimes cutthroat business, always helpful when asked, and just an overall nice person.

    I could and did ask for Brian’s philatelic help over the many years and he never asked for anything in return. While we never really got together socially, it was always a pleasure to see him, whether it was Westpex or London or wherever.

    Take care Mimi.

    Chris Harmer
    England, UK

  70. My deepest condolences about the death of Mr. Moorhouse. I did not know him personally although I had dealings with him for many years and his advices not only as a merchant but as a specialist in Hispanic American philately. Many of my pieces from my collection were proposed by him. Rest in peace.

    Francisco Piniella

  71. Dear Mimi
    What wonderful words. The thing that I recalled most about Brian wasn’t himself but the relationship you had. It has inspired me. I loved the fact you had your morning tea together, that you held hands so often. I only knew Brian briefly but he left a big impact on my life.
    I will pray for you that my God will comfort you. Love James and Lena xxx

    James Stander
    South Africa

  72. So sad to hear this. Brian bought the pilot’s logbook for the first airmail stamps of Honduras , from me a few years ago. The famous Black Honduras issue. He was aware that I was selling it due to financial need and he made sure I got paid as quickly as possible. Rest in peace, Mr. Moorhouse.

    Carlos Rosa

  73. Dear Mimi,

    Along with both of you I was hoping so much there is going to be a chance and cure from this illness and that everything turns out well at the end.
    I’m so very sad Brian is not here anymore. My dear friend, I am sad you lost the love of your life, his children a caring father, we all a wonderful and interesting friend and the world of philately an extraordinary expert.

    Brian will live on in our hearts and memories.

    My heartfelt condelences are with you and your family.
    Please stay strong.


  74. Dear Mimi,
    Bull’s eye in heaven. My dear friend Brian is with God, talking about our common passion. Philately. Here in Brazil the many friends he had are all extremely sad. God bless you, and for Brian just a “see you soon…”.

    Anisio Khader
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  75. Dear Mimi –
    we were very sorry to learn of the passing of Brian, gentleman in Latin American philately – all of us here in Chile will miss him very much. Our thoughts and hearts are with you at this difficult times
    Kind regards

    Thomas K.
    Santiago de Chile

  76. Dear Mimi,

    Terrible news, for me this is the rock-bottom in this year, even when it comes not totally unexpected…

    All my best wishes and thoughts are with you!!!

    So sad that Brian is gone, but in the same moment so thankful of meeting him…

    … It was on 21th May 2015 (the birthday of my mother), when Brian had his Display about the Liberty Head Issues of Haiti at the RPSL. I downloaded the video for my archives and a couple of days later viewed it for the first time. Till the end of June I had seen it 8 times (no lie!) and decided to start a collection of Haiti!

    The first opportunity to meet Brian in person was the Sindelfingen Stamp Fair later that year and in 2016 I had the privilege to meet him, together with Mimi, in New York, Peterborough and Taipei.

    I was shocked, when Brian told me in February, that he was unexpectedly diagnosed to a brain tumour at the end of January! We still keep contact via mail and the positive attitude with which he handled his serious illness was most impressive! In a mail at the end of February he wrote:

    “…I am otherwise fit and well and am doing slow jogs (3-4 km) and/or brisk walks each day to keep in shape. I am also staying very positive and I am keeping a smile on my face! I am ready for the inevitable fight. Mimi has been absolutely wonderful for me – a real tower of strength and friends and family have all gathered around in droves so I am well looked after! Please tell that I have a smile on my face and staying positive and confident about the future!”

    Brian will always be remembered for his kindness and outstanding personality. As the one who influenced me to go new and totally unexpected ways, I will never forget him…

    Mournfully greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

    Hamburg, Germany

  77. there are simply not enough words, so “Thank You, Brian” will have to do

    Bill & Debbie Byerley
    Arizona USA

  78. To Mimi and the Moorhouse Family,

    The thoughts of so many friends illuminate a life that was unfailingly generous, honest, good-natured, faithful and intelligent.

    Scott Trepel
    New York City

  79. I knew him since many years ago. He was a very good friend and also an excellent teacher in the hobby of philately. He always had too much patience to explain different matters to all of us an specially when we were starting in the philately. In the last years he was recognized as international juror in philately and I realized that his opinions and judgments were correct.
    I will miss him as well as I will have an excellent memory of him and his teachings.
    I want to convey to his wife and family my regret for this fact and to tell them that they must be proud of all the memory he leaves between us.

    Enrique Lewowicz,
    Montevideo, Uruguay

  80. Dear Mimi,

    Both Mireille and I want to extend our condolences to you on your loss.
    We were both saddened upon hearing the tragic news.

    Brian will be missed by many whether they were stamp collectors or not.
    Collectors of Latin America will miss him, especially those of Haiti.

    The Board of Directors of the Haiti Philatelic Society would like to publish a memorial announcement. It would be nice if you could supply a photo of Brian that you would like published in Haiti Philately and perhaps a few biographical details that his customers might not be aware of.

    WIth sincerest sympathies,


    (Peter C.Jeannopoulos)

  81. Dear Mimi,

    It is with great sadness that Giti and I Heard about Brian´s untimely departure. May God rest his soul.

    Please do not hesitate to come and visit us if you need some Spanish lessons and also if you don´t need them. We would love to see you.

    Saludos de Quito y muchos abrazos,

    Giti and George
    Quito, Ecuador

  82. Dearest Mimi,
    It saddens me greatly to hear of the loss of your partner, husband, friend, Brian. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

    Requiescat in Pace, Brian Moorhouse.

    Alfonso Garbo Zulueta
    California, USA

  83. Das sind sehr traurige Nachrichten, von denen ich jetzt erst erfuhr. Ich habe Brian stets sehr geschätzt, seine Kenntnis, seine Erfahrung, seine Seriosität. Wir begannen wohl beide in den 1970er-Jahren, uns der Mittel- und Südamerika-Philatelie zuzuwenden. Er als Berufsphilatelist, ich als Sammler. Ich erinnere mich an John Fosbery und an ihn; beide wurden mit “Mainsheet” weltweit bekannt und Brian scharte die Freunde der Lateinamerika-Philatelie um sich. Ich traf Brian auf nahezu jeder Internationalen Ausstellung, die ich besuchte. Ich vergesse nie sein Lächeln, seinen Humor, einfach sein sympathisches Gesicht und unseren Small talk. Wir erinnerten uns an frühe Tage und Geschäfte, an all das, was uns verband.

    It is so sad to hear that he is gone. We will miss him, but he will be in our mind forever!

    Wolfgang Maassen

    These are very sad news, of which I only now learned. I’ve always appreciated Brian, his knowledge, his experience, his seriousness. We probably both began to turn to the Central and South American Philately in the 1970s. He as a professional philatelist, as a collector. I remember John Fosbery and him; Both were known throughout the world with “Mainsheet” and Brian turned the friends of Latin America philately around. I met Brian at almost every international exhibition I attended. I never forget his smile, his humor, his sympathetic face and our small talk. We remembered early days and business, all that was connected with us.

  84. Dear Mimi

    Words cannot really express the sorrow that you are now enduring but you will have much support from all around the world i this sad time.

    We hope with the passing of time that your sadness is replaced with the happy memories you have of Brian not only from philately but also from your many island hopping holidays around the globe.

    Brian was indeed the gentleman philatelist – he had all the associated qualities you would expect knowledge, patience, humility and above all the ability to communicate with others whoever they might be irrespective of their standing in life.

    I have known Brian since his days at Bourne – nearly 40 years and our relationship has always been based on mutual respect and understanding. He has helped me, like many others, who may have been struggling with a particular problem with patience and usually came up with a solution. He had the abilty to understand all Latin American collectors’ needs and had the ability to guide them through their collections

    The philatelic world will bu much poorer with his passing.

  85. Dear Mimi,
    We are so so sad ! We have had such happy times in your and Brian’s company. Such a great man, with a lovely sense of humour. You were such a devoted couple, I hope that the happy memories you must have will sustain you in your irreparable loss.
    Sincere condolences to you and all the family.
    We will miss him.
    Our love and God’s blessings to you, dear Mimi.

    Eda and George Lawson
    England, UK

  86. Dear Mimi,

    Just back from a short vacation without intenet I have received the very sad news about the passing away of Brian.
    My sincere and deepest condolences for you and the whole family.
    It is also a great loss for the philatelic world of Latin-American collectors.
    It was for me a great privilege to know him for more than 30 years and he was always very helpful of sharing his knowledge with me.
    Mimi I wish you strength and the power to go on after this difficult time for you.

    Sad greetings, with deepest sympathy and all the best.

    Paul Weda
    Rotterdam The Netherlands

  87. The first time I met Brian, he was wearing a Leonard Cohen tee shirt. I knew immediately that we would be friends. Over the all too brief years, I always looked forward to visiting and dining with Brian and Mimi at shows around the world. His range of interests, knowledge and sense of humor were seemingly endless. Being a compulsive traveler, Brian had much to share. Philately has lost a rock star and I have lost a friend.

    David Hanschen
    Texas, USA

  88. Dear Mimi
    The Meyer family are very, very sad to know about Brian Moorhouse.
    He was the biggest philatelic expert I met and often he guided me on the right path.
    We will miss him. He was a true star of philatelic world.
    The last time we met in New York’s central park. I was walking the 5 km and he was running the 7 km. After that we met at the exhibition for a good conversation about INCLINADOS, of course.
    We leave here our most sincere feelings.

    Peter, Rose and Marcelo Meyer
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  89. Estimada Mimi:

    La Filatelia esta de luto una vez mas porque se va una excelente persona y gran filatelista experto en Latinoamerica siempre los veia en San Francisco en Westpex y platicaba mucho con el sobre el material de México espero encuentres pronto la resignacion de la perdida de tu esposo.

    Jose Vicente Pineda
    Puebla, Mexico

    Filatelia is in mourning once again because it leaves an excellent person and great philatelist expert in Latin America always saw them in San Francisco in Westpex and talked a lot with the material about Mexico I hope you find the resignation of the loss of your husband soon.

  90. Mimi
    What a shock! It’s always sad to see a friend leave us but Brian was someone special. My philately was everything to me whilst I was growing my collection and Brian was the source of my encouragement over the years. He shared the gems, he shared his knowledge and he shared his bon homie amongst us all. We shall miss him as there is no-one to replace him. God bless you, his support and the love of his life. I know you miss him but at least you had the pleasure of being his wife all those years and have all those memories.

    Mike Birks
    England, UK

  91. Dear Mimi

    We have known you and Brian for nearly 30 years.
    We were both very sad to hear the news (from Nick Martin today).
    Please accept our sincerest condolences; We join you in the celebration of Brian’s life.

    Frank & Jennifer Broad
    Lincolnshire, UK

  92. It is so good to see this page growing and all the glowing comments and truly genuine expressions of grief and sadness which shows how much Brian was loved and respected within this unique and closely knit world of philately.
    Spreading of ashes will provide freedom for Brian to continue his love of travel in another world while his name will remain in this world through Mimi continuing the business.
    Good bye Brian and good luck Mimi.

    Mike White
    Bang Saray, Sattahip, Thailand

  93. E’con grande tristezza che apprendo della prematura scomparsa di Brian. Tutto passa. Ciò che rimane è l’uomo ed il suo pensiero. A tutti noi lascia la grande persona che è stata ed il vuoto incolmabile di grande esperto di filatelia. Una grande perdita per la filatelia mondiale e per quella Brasiliana in particolare. Ciao Brian. A rivederci a presto. Maurizio

    It is with great sadness that I know Brian’s prematurity dead. Everything ends. What remains is man Brian and his mind. We are grateful for what he left as his heredity. However, he also left a great empty as one of the most authoritative expert of world philately, expecially Brasilian philately.
    Bye Brian. We will meet as soon as..

    Maurizio Sparano

  94. I knew Brian for less than 20 years but, during that time, he became a very good and kind friend. On the Expert Committee of the “Royal” we valued his opinions which he gave freely and with authority. I was always impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge on Latin America and I loved attending his auctions in Peterborough which were, in many ways social occasions as well as auctions, and I well recall how Mimi gently reminded telephone bidders that, nice though it was to chat, we were actually in the middle of an auction!. I met and made many friend there, Ted Collins, Ray Todd and Paul Weda to name just three, and I am grateful to Brian for that and for the kindness and help he showed me in helping to build my collections; this was much more than a dealer-client relationship and became a true friendship.

    My condolences go out to Mimi and family. In Brian we have lost a real giant of Latin America philately and I miss him for that and for his friendship.

    John Shaw
    England, UK

  95. Dear Mimi
    I am deeply sorry by the new of Brian passing.
    Please receive my condolences.


  96. I’ve known Brian for the past 29 years. He was a bright, intelligent, caring, loving and a happy man. He took care of me, my family and my kids in many ways and we will always remember and appreciated him for it. There are a couple of memories of Brian that we always share and have a good laugh at within the family. One was his signature “charcoal chicken”, very blackened but tasty. Another one was when we took a trip to Whitby and went to the Dracula Experience tour. Brian told us so many horrifying stories before we even went in that we kept our eyes closed almost the entire time. It was really scary but fun.

    I wish for him a happy life in paradise and that one day we will meet again. I miss you so much my sweet beloved brother-in-law.

    Mimi, be strong and as you know you are not alone. We are always here for you.


    Patricia Tsang Li
    San Mateo, California USA

  97. Dear Mimi,
    When you called me, I was shocked upon learning the bad news for Brian.
    I knew Brian when I started to collect Postal Stationery of Nicaragua 20 years ago, later he guide me into Postal Stationery of Honduras and Bolivia 19th Century US Banknote Definitive Issues. I would like to thank you for all your kindness and philatelic help on Latin Americas over the years. A great lost for the philatelic world and especially for Latin Americas.
    I wish you and family peace and strength in these difficult times. My deepest condolences.

    Michael Ho

  98. Dear Mrs. Moorhouse,
    I am absolutely shocked and shattered and would like to express my deep felt compassion. Please, accept my sympathy in your great loss.

    Hans-Jörg Hofmann


  99. Brian, fuiste un referente, un compañero , un amigo. Te echaremos de menos, descansa en paz. Mimi un fuerte abrazo

    José Soler
    Barcelona, Spain

    Brian, you were a benchmark, a colleague, a friend. We will miss you, rest in peace. Mimi a big hug

  100. Dearest Mimi
    I can’t tell you how shocked and saddened I was to hear that Brian had passed away. I thought of him as a fighter and very determined to get through this in his usual up beat and pragmatic way. I thought there was still time ahead but this ravaging disease is relentless.
    He was always a great host and I was always fascinated by his huge knowledge of the world having travelled far and wide on this Earth with the one he loves by his side.
    He is hugely respected in his very specialised field of work and it would be amazing if you could carry this on in his memory.
    I will do anything if I can be of any use at all darling.
    Call anytime
    You are in my thoughts and prayers
    Lots of love

    England, UK

  101. Dear Mimi

    We learned with great sadness the death of Brian by consulting his website.
    We think a lot about you, Mimi.

    We met both of you for the first time at your booth of Philexfrance 89 and it was always a pleasure to see you again on every occasion in recent years.

    Brian will always remain in our memories and we hope to see you soon, Mimi.

    Claire-Lise and Eugene Langlais
    Paris, France

  102. Dear Mimi
    We are sorry by the news of Brian passing. We will miss Brian.
    Please receive our condolences.
    Marcos Chusyd

  103. Dear Mimi,

    I met Brian only once with you but I still remember him vividly from our night out in KL a few years ago as such a fine gentleman and lovable character. Please accept our heartfelt condolences about this terrible loss.

    A little story I would like to share:
    Yesterday evening following an invitation from friends we were attending a Japanese Bon Odori festival here in Kuala Lumpur with special dance and fireworks as well. It is similar to The Chinese Ghost Festival where they pay tribute to the souls of their ancestors.
    I happened to meet a young boy and his name was also Brian.­­­­­­­­­­
    To me this is not just a mere coincidence but I had the feeling it showed that we are all safely embraced by the eternal cycles of the universe be it dead or alive. Nobody is ever totally gone. They just switched to the other side of the loop.

    .I just wanted to share my thoughts, hoping they may add a little bit to the comfort and support I am sure you are receiving from your close family and friends.

    Thinking of both of you and your great love on the day of your wedding anniversary.

    With love and a big hug

    Christine Fett and Hermann
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  104. Dear Mimi,

    I am very saddened to hear of Brian’s passing.
    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Mayk Plewka
    Pritzwalk, Germany

  105. Dear Mimi
    I met you both on our Iranian adventure last year. I was impressed by Brian’s modesty as he told us how he got involved in philately. He spoke so engagingly about the early origins of the postal service to someone who knew little of how it developed. An engaging talked and empathetic listener.
    I was struck by your very unique relationship. It was clear that you snd he were s very special couple who had the openness to allow others to share in your world.
    A rare man who will be remembered by all those who were lucky to enjoy his company.
    Love Ros

  106. Good bye dear Brian, always happy, always smailing, a good man, a better friend, a placer and honor have met you, you’ll be always in our heart.

    Oscar Schublin
    Santiago de Chile

  107. Dear Mimi,

    Seeing you on Sunday talking about your life with Brian, travels and adventures around the world and closer to home brought home to me what a perfect couple you were.
    I’ve lost a great friend of over 40 years, a running partner for those early morning runs before the start of a show.
    My thoughts and Rachel’s are with you and the family at this time, will be thinking of you all Friday.
    An honour to have known you Brian.

    Chris Rainey
    Swindon U.K.

  108. Dear Mimi,

    It was a great pleasure visiting you and Brian to see your lovely Auctions. All of us want to thank you both for your friendship and integrity at all times.
    I enjoyed seeing Brian’s Haiti at the Royal in London and it reflected one of the passions he had for a long period of time and the endurance to keep chasing so that he could achieve a world class collection.
    I will think of you both whenever I look at material from Latin America or meet the many friends we share.
    Anything I can do to assist you, please ask.

    Un abrazo,


    Argyll Etkin, London

  109. It was only in the recent past that I came to know and ask for help from Brian. I was very grateful for how generously it was given. Please accept my condolences and thank you for the history you have shared above.

    Trevor Pateman

  110. Dear Mimi,
    Both Father are devastated to hear such sad news. Brian was the go to guy for so many areas, and was always extremely helpful to us so many times, philately will miss him.

    Mark Taylor
    England UK

  111. Dear Mimi,

    A terrible loss, especially to you and the family.

    It was great to see the two of you in Finland. I had hoped that we would carry on seeing you at other exhibitions for some time to come. In the circumstances, we were amazed at how Brian remained unfailingly cheerful and was looking forward to every new day with a smile.
    There are so many people who will miss Brian and the hole he will leave in our lives is considerable. In terms of his good cheer, his willingness to share and his encyclopaedic knowledge. It was a privilege for all of us to have known him.

    We feel for you and wish you good heart.

    Chris Harman
    England UK

  112. Dear Mimi: having just spoken to you, I want to express my deepest condolences here also. I had the opportunity to speak to Brian in late April, just before Westpex, and was struck by how positive and upbeat he was, given the circumstances. He reiterated that he had no unhappiness about his life and what might happen. He only had good things to say about his life and marriage, and was thankful that it had be so positive. He will be sorely missed.
    By the way should you ever come to visit your sister in Portland, please be sure to look me up!

    Be sure to wake up and start each day with a smile on your face and with positive thoughts. You must do that for both you and Brian.

    Peter Singer
    Portland, Oregon USA

  113. Dear Mimi

    With great sadness I learned from you that Brian past away. He was a great person, always so friendly and helpful and he was one of the greatest specialist of Latin American Philately. I met him first in the early 1990’s in Quito Ecuador and without him I never would have been able to build my collection the way it is now.

    We all will miss Brian, a friend and real partner in philately.
    May he rest in peace

    Mimi, in this time of grief, I wish you all the strength needed to overcome this difficult moment.

    Michael Peter

  114. Dear Mimi
    Al and I are shattered to hear about Brian. We have such warm memories of your fabulous company and hospitality . Life can be so cruel. Thinking of you

    Jan and Al Robertson

  115. Dear Mimi

    We were greatly saddened that your husband, Mr. Brian Moorhouse, passed away very recently. We are writing to convey our deepest sympathy to you and your family at the loss of Brian whom we have always held in the highest regard both as an eminent Philatelist and as a friend. Our Auctions will not be the same, since Brian visited us in Zurich for nearly 40 years.

    Corinphila Team
    Zurich, Switzerland

  116. Dear Mimi,

    It is not easy to find the right words but we will keep him in our memory.

    He was very lucky man to have you on his side till the end.

    Ursula & Claus
    Zurich, Switzerland

  117. Dear Mimi,

    It was a very sad moment, when I and my team heard about Brian’s untimely departure.
    We share comfort in knowing “Brian” is no longer suffering and send our thoughts of
    sympathy and support to you as you begin your journey without Brian.
    I knew Brian since so many years and always I enjoyed meeting you both regularly at
    International Stamp Exhibitions for the last time in Tampere, Finnland in May 2017.
    Brian was not only an expert colleague, but especially a valuable friend.
    He was a world famous personality in the “philatelic community”.
    We will miss him and the philatelic world will be much poorer now.

    With the poem of Mascha Kaléko we feel with you:

    What you need…

    All you need is an island
    Alone in the vast ocean.
    All you need is a human being,
    But him you need much.

    Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies and condolence for your loss and let me know, whatever I can assist you. Wishing you peace, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts.

    Christoph Gaertner & team

    Was man so braucht…

    Man braucht nur eine Insel
    allein im weiten Meer.
    Man braucht nur einen Menschen,
    den aber braucht man sehr.

  118. I’m so glad that I had a chance to spend time with Brian last March in Peterborough just before his began radiation treatment.

    I was so impressed by his positive energy and optimistic attitude as a ” cancer fighter”. He was so brave. His “never give up” attitude was an example for us all.

    There is a saying in Chinese,”You can cry for the whole day or you can laugh for the whole day, but still that is the same day you have to go through. So I prefer to spend my day laughing!” That is exactly what Brian chose to do.

    I was also so fortunate to share a walk with Brian on his favorite trail that meant so much to him. We walked, we talked, and we laughed. I was very touched when he showed me where he found beautiful Blue Bells and lovely Yellow Daffodils for Mimi…….

    I will miss him so much.

    For my dear sister Mimi,
    I am so proud of you. You have been so strong and loving during such a terrible time. You are in my thoughts and have my love forever.
    I love you both forever,
    Tammy McHale
    Portland Oregon

  119. Dear Mimi,
    I am Tania’s Aunt, we met at Tania & Yannick’s wedding a couple of years ago.
    I was so sorry to hear of Brian’s passing and send you my condolences, at this very sad time .
    Thinking of you and your family.

    Viv Ford
    England, UK

  120. Dear Mimi,
    I waited until after the cremation ceremonies to express my profound sadness at the death of Brian. Having known him for 4 decades since he first became a stamp professional, I saw him through good and bad, fortunately most of the time was good.

    Over the years he was part of my family. I took great pride in his development in the various aspects of philately to the very pinnacle of his profession. I cannot begin to verbalize my feelings at his departure. You can be sure that I will always be there for you.

    Norman S. Hubbard
    Oyster Bay, New York

  121. A pesar de no conocerlo personalmente , siento que he perdido un amigo. Les doy mis mas sinceras condolencias.

  122. Dear Mimi,

    My deepest condolences, a great reference of the Latin American philately has departed, I will always remember in the philately shows, astonishing me with the wonderful pieces of the classics of Peru, rest in peace Brian.

    Carlos Brenis
    Lima, Perú

  123. I am so sorry for your loss I never meet either one of you but did speak
    over the phone and email and had very good philatic dealings with you
    I am so sorry again

    David Ditterich

  124. I played Brian at tennis these past 25 years. He was competitive and driven on court. I really enjoyed our feud. At the beginning I won easily. Then he improved and improved so I won rarely. i even took up coaching to improve my game to beat him!
    We shared music interests and the 60’s. We differed diametrically on politics. But he was intelligent and cogent and I respected his arguments as they were well thought and constructed. He was a very intelligent man.
    I didn’t imagine not playing him over the next few years as he was so fit. I am going to miss that as well as him immensely.

    England, UK

  125. A great man and a great loss. Can you follow in his footsteps? Maybe. My handbook “SCADTA-Philately” will get a high perfection. Let us pursue Brian.

    He knew my name. Thank you for the excellent offers. I will always remember him.


  126. Dear Mimi, There are no words for such a sad loss, but as we all know nobody really dies if somebody reminds him. Brian is unforgetable. His wide knowledge beside his smile are simply not possible to forget so he will be beside us forever. Thank you Mimi for being his perfect couple and thank you for giving us your sure and happy image everytime we met. PS I should apologize for my poor English, but I ´m sure that Brian would forgive me, again with an usual and clever smile, as we did with his Spanish.
    “Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn, Dance me to the end of love”

    Xavier Llach.
    Barcelona, Spain

  127. During one of her trips, Mimi visited Poland. It must have been 1994 or 1995. By accident, Mimi got interested in my art and we had a wonderful meeting in Krakow. Some time has passed and an invitation arrived – “take your girlfriend and visit me and Brian in Peterborough.” And that way me and my now wife, at the time fresh graduates from Academy of Fine Arts, knocked at Mimi’s and Brian’s door. It was summer 1996. We spent a week at their house surrounded by hospitality and warmth. Two years later we saw Mimi and Brian again this time in Krakow, it was only a few days but it was so great to see them again. This was the last time we saw Brian. Throughout the next years, our ways somehow parted although we had Mimi and Brian in our hearts all the time. This devastating news came as a complete shock! All the memories came flooding back. How do we remember Brian? Very warm, soft spoken, I loved his sense of humor. Very intelligent yet modest to the verge of shyness. We had no idea how incredibly successful he was in philately field! Brian did his running every day no matter the weather and I found this very impressive. Seeing Brian together with Mimi you could really see how happy they were together. He was a fulfilled man. Great loss!

    Mariusz Krawczyk & Mariola Jasko
    Krakow, Poland

  128. Adiós a un amigo
    fue un verdadero placer haber conocido a una persona tan especial, con conocimientos increíbles de la filatelia latinoamericana y ademas mejor persona.
    Dios necesita un gran ayudante para sus sellos latinoamericanos
    gracias Mimi, su feliz compañera.
    un abrazo

    Pedro Meri
    Caracas, Venezuela

    Farewell to a friend
    It was a real pleasure to meet such a special person, with incredible knowledge of Latin American philately and also a better person.
    God needs a great helper for his Latin American stamps
    Thanks Mimi, your happy companion.
    a hug

  129. Dear Mimi

    To this great loss I express my condolences. The many discussions with Brian I will never forget, these have helped me a lot. Also my visit to Petersborough and the care of Mimi and Brian remains unforgettable.

    Josef Abegg
    Bern, Switzerland

  130. Descanse en paz este gran especialista de la filatelia Sudamericana.
    Respetos y condolencias a sus familiares y allegados

    Hector L. Volpe

    Rest in peace this great specialist of South American philately.
    Regards and condolences to your relatives and friends

  131. Dear Mimi:

    Please accept my condolences. I remember Brian as a knowledgeable, gentle, kind and fair person. He was truly a leader among philatelists and did so much for Latin American philately in particular. He is greatly missed.

    Bruce MacDougall
    Vancouver, BC Canada

  132. Dear Mimi,
    I met Brian at Ameripex 1986, on a small booth and still not very clever on Brazilian labels, but that would make him, over the years, a great smart on the subject. We have maintained contact since then, making transactions on Brazilian stamps, almost always via mail. I once went to an exhibition in London and went to see him there at his house in Peterborough. Always very serious and friendly, as always, I took great pleasure in doing business with him. Very sad with this news, I leave my sincerest worries for you, Mimi, and the whole family for this immense loss for Brazilian philately.

    Luiz Briquet
    São Paulo, Brazil

  133. I met Brian through mail and later internet as he was a reference in stamps and covers of HONDURAS. I did not know about his private life and I am impressed by his qualities and balanced life. I thonk that the love you, Mimi, and him shared for such a long time without big clouds is a fantastic achievement.
    Please receive my condolances and from the members of the Federacion Filatelica de HONDURAS

    Tegucigalpa HONDURAS

  134. Dear Mimi,

    So very sorry to hear the sad news regarding Brian. I first met him about 30 years ago – how quickly time passes – when I started a collection of Nicaragua Postal Stationery and with his help and knowledge put together a very sensible collection. Later I moved into other aspects of Latin America and came to rely on his expertise and advice which he was always wiling to impart. A giant of a man – he will be much missed.

    Keith Hanman
    Twickenham, Middlesex, England

  135. I only met Brian a few times are various exhibitions on the West Coast but I was instantly impressed by his humor, his kindness and of course, his encyclopedic knowledge. He will be missed, and my heart goes out to his family.

    Ivo Steijn

  136. Dear Mimi,

    What devastating news! Brian was always a good friend to me and we will miss his inspiration and knowledge of Latin American philately. My sincerest condolences. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.

    Richard Saundry
    England, UK

  137. I will miss Brian !!!!!! Many an hour at shows talking to Brian you….The best to you with further adventures and writing….I will miss that great guy… My deepest condolences….

    Harvey Tilles
    Greensboro, NC USA

  138. Dear Mimi

    I was very sad to hear of Brian’s passing. I have known and dealt with him since the 1980’s and his knowledge of Latin American Philately was unparalleled.

    My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  139. My dear Mimi,
    How shocking and devastating to me when I received emails from friends about Brian’s departure from his journey in this world. All the sudden, time seems stayed still, brought back to me all these cherished memories. You loss is also my loss, a loss of a dear friend of 30 years and a loss of the greatest philatelist in the world. Life is too short in this world. It seems like we are all on this big train. We meet and become friends and we have good time together, like collecting stamps. Yet, only the Lord knows when we have to get off this train. Sadly, we have to say good bye and so long to Brian. That is not the end! Brian is now on a different train traveling to eternal life. He is on a train that he will never get off till we meet again.
    Mimi, you are a courageous woman. I am so glad that you single-handedly taking over the business, making Brian’s wish becoming a reality. I am certain that Brian is happy on your decision.
    God bless you, Mimi. May His grace and mercy constantly be with you and the family, and give you peace.
    Robert Lee

  140. Dear Mimi
    I had been in contact with Brian through mail and talked more than one time per phone which has been always a pleasure. I always bought in his auctions with great confidence.
    Through all the comments I can only congratulate you what a great person in all senses he was, after being 31 years with him and I am sure that he will love the idea that you continue running the stamp business. My deepest condolences…and I hope to know you one day in the next future.
    Alfredo Schmutzer
    Santiago, Chile

  141. Dear Mimi
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of Brian. He was a highly respected dealer and expert. I only briefly met him once or twice, and bought only a few items from him for my small Chilean collection – but I feel the loss to the philatelic community.
    Björn Wellenius
    Rhode Island, USA and Santiago, Chile

  142. My wife Andrea and I met Brian and Mimi on a ship, the Island Sky. This was a Christmas cruise operated by a UK company called Noble Caledonia and, I can tell you, Brian and Mimi stood out from the crowd, as I hope we did too. They were not your usual silver-haired, tweedy Noble Cal passengers with backgrounds in banking and teaching. Brian’s black Leonard Cohen T-shirts and bootlace tie, and Mimi’s rainbow, sparkly exuberance, gave the staid dining room a real lift.

    We got along from day one and shared many meals together – I would have said the four of us except that Brian was not a good sailor so he usually fled after the first course as the ship rock-and-rolled. Brian and Mimi were collecting countries and territories and so were we but not on quite the same level of determination. The target was 325 and they were about 50 ahead of us. Our trip went to some of the remotest and thus the most desirable – Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha. We sailed with them once more, this time to Melanesia and SE Asia where the Moorhouses clocked up West Papua, the Lesser Sundas and Malaku. Brian didn’t want to simply sight-see in these places – he had to run around them even if that meant running down a volcanic slag-heap on Ascension Island or hopping over a bunch of Komodo dragons.

    We kept in touch sporadically but not nearly regularly enough. We’ll think of Brian as we make landfall in Kyrgyzstan or St Pierre & Miquelon or Tokelau. We will always associate him with the exotic.

    Which he was of course.

    Adrian Turner
    Norfolk, England

  143. Dear Mrs Moorehouse,
    I never had the pleasure and privilege of meeting either of yourself and your husband but I treasure the courtesy and kindness with which Brian treated a very amateur enthusiast of Latin American philately.
    His all to infrequent auctions were a benchmark of quality, so much so that his worldwide reputation ensured that I all too often was overbid for some of the treasures on offer.
    Never mind I did get some successes which are highlights of my collection.
    His death leaves an enormous gap in the sparse resources of deep- knowledge in this
    rather neglected field of philately and the wide range of tributes listed above shows the esteem with which he was held by so many friends worldwide.
    My very sincere condolences on his untimely passing.

    Alastair Stewart
    Little Baddow, Essex.

  144. Dear Mimi.
    Imagine what it will be like to be surrounded by the glory of God. He has come to his eternal home – Heaven. This is the blessed hope of the believer. But before we get there sometimes we see loved ones who go ahead of us. At the funeral of a believer we should be able to celebrate the arrival at his new home, but as human beings we still cry for the time we will not be with him in this earthly house. Death is sad and should not be, because we can be comforted with what promises life. Take the time to think about Heaven and the glory of God. Read these comforting words for the death of a friend, who took the departure to be with God. Share with someone who might need help in these difficult times so that these words will be a blessing to the family of a great friend
    “Even though we were not at your side to tell you goodbye, you know that we love you very much and that now you will do us a great fault.”
    For many years supported philatelists and Mexican philatelists, was an excellent friend and was always a magnificent gentleman, honest and friendly.
    Will always be in our hearts with a memory, because I always support the Mexican Philatelic Federation and the true philatelists.

    Victor Sienra Alba

  145. Dear Mrs Moorhouse,
    I met Brian only twice . We had a few telephone conversations and I bid in his auctions. He was a famous and erudite professional and I just an amateur philatelist, yet he was always ready to help me with my collection: his ways of dealing with an ordinary collector, just as much as, maybe even more than, his international reputation show what an open person he was.
    Real regret and my sympathies.

    Stephen Pegg

  146. Hello Mimi,

    the last days I read a lot on your page but I was unable to write you here – today I will change it.

    It was really a shock for me when I got the message from an ArGe member in Germany 2 weeks ago – I met you and your husband personally by London 2015 the first time in my life on a business trip and was really surprised about you both and your friendly service – for years I had contact with Brian by phone and by Email only – but finally I could manage to met him personally – the “true” reason for my business trip to UK – anyway I didn’t know that this was also the unique personal meeting we had together in our life 🙁 – But he will be in my mind forever.

    Please accept my condolences and thank you for the history you have shared on top


    Gunther Conrad
    Stuttgart, Germany

  147. Dear Mimi,

    My sincere condolences.

    I first met Brian at a Spanish Main Society meeting in London in the late 1970’s. He often forwarded exclusive material to me for my Paraguay collection and I was always intrigued by his knowledge of all material Latin American. I recall many trips to Peterborough for the auctions and once spoke to you soon after you and Brian had visited Cadbury World, close by to where I live.
    I do hope you will continue with Latin American Philately.
    Brian is sadly missed.

    Kind Regards,
    Robert D. Shaw


  148. My Dearest Mimi,

    It is with deep sadness, that I have received Sunday morning, with a lot of pain, the bad news about Brian. I am devastated, I was crying with you all morning. Even our summer sun, was lukewarm.

    My dear friend Brian.

    I met Brian in various occasions, for the last time, it was in New York for the Big Show 2016 Exhibition. I can’t forget when I was approach your booth, he not only shake my hands, but also keep it in his hands for long moments and looking me right in the eyes. Definitively we were connected together, forever….
    I will never forget this magnificent moment.

    I’ll never forget his contagious smile and his deep look.

    Brian was always very gentleman, he was giving us his advices, his continuous help and flexibilities for acquiring the most expensive philatelic items.

    I can’t not imagine the philatelic world, properly advancing without Brian presence.

    Nothing, will be the same.

    Mimi, keep your head up, you are not alone, we are all close to you.

    Brian, will be always in our mind, close to us, watching us…… be strong!!!

    With all our love,

    Richard and Mercedes Zaremba
    Montreal, Canada

  149. Dear Mimi,

    We were shocked and so sad to hear about Brian.

    We always so much enjoyed our visits to the auctions.
    Brian was always willing to give us advice from his vast knowledge of everything to do with South American philately.

    And of course we had some great times together at various restaurants from time to time.

    We send you our love and deepest sympathy,

    Janet & Nick Nelson

  150. Dear Mimi,
    My condolences are with you and family.

    Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting with you and Brian personally, his
    ethics will always be remembered.

    Brian’s encouragement and the shared knowledge that I had received while reworking
    an inherited Bolivian philatelic collection, has resulted in ‘exhibiting fever’.

    The expertized certificates on his signature stationery each contained extended texts which were very much appreciated. Again another avenue showcasing his encyclopedia knowledge.

    And Mimi, God Bless You for the commitment to carry on the business.

    Sandra Freeman
    Calgary, Canada

  151. Dear Mimi ,
    I didn´t know that Brian was sick. My dear Mimi. My apologies that I didn´t went to the funeral. You and your whole family are in by thoughts. My condolences from the bottom of my heart. If you need any support or help, please tell me. I am so sad that you lost your great love. Be strong! In our heart Brian will life forever. My condolences.

    from Petra
    Berlin, Germany

  152. Dear Mimi
    Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of Brian. I first met, and became friends with, Brian when he was advertisement manager at ‘Stamp Collecting’ in the 1970s, not long after I joined the ‘Philatelic Exporter’. Our philatelic publishing paths often crossed but when he left to specialise in South American philately I caught up with him only occasionally at Stampex.
    I loved your tribute to him, and his choice of Stones songs!

    Graham Phillips
    Philatelic Exporter-Editor

  153. Dearest Mimi,
    Karen and I were shocked and saddened by the loss of your Great LOVE Brian. I always looked forward to seeing you both at the shows and talking when you had a few free moments.

    Brian acted as my agent in a number of sales and always kept an eye out for items of interest and assisted me with suggestions to improve my exhibits which I appreciated very much.

    Karen and I so very much enjoyed your company at dinner in New York last year and were hoping that we could do it again sometime.

    Brian was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed by many in and out of the philatelic community.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    With sincere LOVE and condolences,

    Ray and Karen Simrak

  154. I am saddened to learn of Brian passing. I saw him most years when he came to WESTPEX (except when unruly Icelandic volcanoes interfered), and I would always visit his booth first. Often he had some cover to offer, but even if he didn’t, he would patiently answer any questions that I might have accumulated since his last visit. I will miss him and the knowledge that he so generously shared.
    Helmut Blaschczyk
    California USA

  155. At NY 2016 WSE, I frist met Mr. & Mrs. Brian Moorhouse. I supplied 6 early Ecuador covers required his give me opinions, also buy some early Ecuador Pre- stamp covers and Paraguay Postal stationery items from Brian, it is very happy memory.
    Long live Brian Moorhouse Spirit ……..

    Li Hong
    Hong Kong, China

  156. I played tennis with Brian many times and enjoyed his company greatly. He went out of his way to ensure me and my wife had a great experience at the US Open last year as he had been before and knew NY well. He was a fellow member of Peterborough City Tennis Club. We decided to run a fundraising tournament on Bank Holiday Mon 28th Aug in his memory.
    All monies raised have been donated to the Sue Ryder Hospice here in Peterborough.
    We have similar music tastes. I will be going out to my favourite: House of the Rising Sun The Animals who I saw live at the Empire in Liverpool in 65-

    Ray McDonnell
    Peterborough UK

  157. We first met up with Brian and Mimi on an extraordinary trip to Zimbabwe many many years ago. We had such fun with this lovely couple. Many happy memories. Our paths continued to cross in London, Peterborough, Newmarket and so on. Always happy occasions. We learned a great deal about the world of Philately and their wonderful trips around the world, to extraordinary places. So sad for all of us that Brian is no longer here but happy memories of great days, will be with us forever. He was an amazing person and they were an amazing couple. Mimi will continue on, knowing that Brian is with her every step of the way.

    Peter and Sue Jensen
    Kew, London UK

  158. About this time of year (September) I looked forward to Brian and his auction. We usually spoke on the telephone to see if I was successful. Brian was always helpful in providing me with little gems of collectables and lots which he thought might be of interest. That personal touch will stay with me forever. It was as if he knew my wishes and somehow managed to have something in store waiting for me. My philatelic world is a lot sadder through his passing.

    John Bushell
    Burgess Hill, West Sussex

  159. Mimi
    How can anyone who knew Brian not be saddened by his untimely death. His talents, not just as a philatelist, were many. He was kind, generous, fun loving and a great host. Always interested and interesting. Above all, Mimi, he was such a wonderful husband and it was so obvious that he absolutely adored you. In return he was fulfilled by your total love for him.

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