Selling Your Stamps?

Important notice

We regret that some medical issues have decreed that we will not be able to process sales, issue certificates or receive items that clients wish to sell at this time.

We are always interested in fine and unusual material from all the Latin American countries from the pre-stamp period through to circa 1945. More modern material is welcome as part of a larger collection.

We can offer you a choice of three options if you are considering of disposing of some or all your material: 1. Outright Purchase; 2. Private Treaty Sale and 3. Auction Sale.

Outright Purchase

Upon receipt of the material, we will contact you with details of our offer. Payment can be made by a cheque in £ Sterling, US dollars or any other negotiable currency you may prefer. Please advise.

Private Treaty Sale

Upon receipt, this will be offered at our discretion either privately or through one of our sales lists. Material can be either priced for sale by the vendor or it may be left for us to negotiate the sale price (subject to your approval): We charge 20% commission plus VAT (if applicable) on sales. The minimum value per item should be £100. There are no unsold charges but we do charge return postage on vendor priced material. Payment is made to the vendor as soon as either all the material is sold or, after a maximum six month period, along with the return of any unsold items. Payment advances can be arranged on negotiated material.

Auction Sale

Upon receipt, the material will be lotted and estimated. We prefer lots without reserves, however we do accept reserved material at our discretion (ie: if we agree with the reserve price). Please advise any reserves when submitting material. There is an unsold charge of £10 per lot for reserved material plus return registered postage. Our commission rate is 25% on realisations of £120 and over and 30% on realisations under £120. Minimum commission is £6 per lot and the minimum overall consignment value should be £500. Please note that we do not charge a buyers premium. You receive, less our commission, the final realisation of your material. Payment advances can be arranged on unreserved material. Settlement is usually within 6-8 weeks of the auction date.

If you are unsure ...

If you are unsure which option to take, you may, of course, ship the material to us and ask for our advice. The final result could well be a mixture of two or even all three of the above.

Whichever method you choose, material up to £1300 or US $2000 value per package can be sent from non-EEC overseas countries addressed as follows:

Brian Moorhouse, VAT No. GB 231 8558 60
P.O. Box 105, Peterborough PE3 9TQ, England

You should enclose an invoice in the package showing the value. This is for customs purposes only and is not used by us as a basis for negotiation. There are obviously no value restrictions for sending material from either inside Great Britain or from other EEC countries and no invoice is necessary. Just send by ordinary registered mail/airmail, parcel post or courier service.

Bulky and Valuable Material

If you have very bulky or valuable material for offer, then please contact us in the first instance for shipping instructions. We can offer other shipping addresses (including in the USA) or, alternatively, we can often arrange a visit to your home as we travel frequently in the U.K., Europe, USA and Latin American areas.

We shall look forward to hearing from you ...