We are stamp dealers specialising in the Republics of South and Central America only. Alphabetically these are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela.


Important Notice

We regret that we will not be able to process sales, issue certificates or receive items that clients wish to sell at this time.


We concentrate on the 19th century classic issues, proofs, essays, multiples, errors, postal history material from the pre-stamp to airmail era and postal stationery items through to circa 1940 period.

We are pleased to work with serious collectors to help build up their collections for exhibiting at either National or International level.

We offer material by direct sale (click on "Selected Offers", "Private Treaty Sales" or "Collections" for a current selection) or by auction (click on "Auction Sales" for details of our next sale). If you let us know your particular area of interest then we will be pleased to try and offer you some suitable material from our extensive stocks. Please note, however, that we do not handle any modern material (post 1945) outside of our auctions and we are not equipped to deal with wants lists.

As active dealers in the stamps and postal history of the Latin American area, we are always very interested in either buying outright or selling on consignment both good specialised collections and suitable selected individual pieces from our group of countries (click on "Selling Your Stamps" for further details).

Finally, we do offer an expertisation service for Latin American material. Click on the "Certificates" button for further details

We have a small search engine for our website. It is located just under the buttons at the left side of this page. You can type in any key word/s and you will then get links to any matches on the site. These will be listed under the page headings. For example if you type in "Train" you will probably get some hits on the "Auction Sales" and "Private Treaty" pages but you will also find the references to trains times to our public auctions in Peterborough on the "Venue" page. Obviously, you should ignore the latter. If searching for something like "Train" it should also be worth trying other relevant key words like "Railway", "Locomotive" and "Ambulante". When you do click on the link to the relevant page then the keyword will be highlighted in yellow and should be instantly visible when scrolling down the page

(Last update:   16 July 2017 - notice regarding the cessation of sales, certificates and receiving items to be sold for the time being) 

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