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1930 Airmail Definitives


1930 Airmail definitives (SG 244/51, Scott C27/34): Neatly mounted collection on 27 pages comprising of stamps and proofs only including original unadopted photographic essays of the two designs, stamp-size artist paintings of the two design types with Bolivian Consul cachets, pencil drawing and watercolour sketch, composite die proofs  with all 8 values (2), trial colour dies, mirror image dies with alternative value tablets alongside, mint stamps in blocks x4, imperf corner singles, imperforate pairs and a plating study. A fine lot. Ex Patino  (BO-002)

Price $5,000


1886 Railbond Provisional Issues


Interesting assembly with large die proof of the original Bond Stamp along with a plate proof and the ABN Co. archival Index Card plus a Bond form with three uncancelled stamps. All values in various large multiples, part settings, etc. "Centovos", "Centanos", "Carreos" and other varieties, "255" error in a block x25, various double surcharges incl. strip with "Carreos" and "Centovos" varieties, inverted, 150c pair, one without surcharge, corner block x20 with surcharges in the margin, etc. Also regd. cover front to Germany with the 25c value which is believed to be one of five known genuine usages of the stamp. May make a great one-frame exhibit (GU-01)



The Prestamp Period


Nice mounted array of material from both Colonial and Independent periods with covers, fronts, entire letters, couple of documents, etc. mostly showing good to fine examples of the markings including items from Cedros, Choluteca, Comayagua, Gracias a Dios, Llanos, Nacaome, Olanchito, Olancho, Omoa, Tegucigalpa, Truxillo and Yoro. Also four covers with different "Viva Ferdinand VII" cachets and four covers with special courier endorsements. 40 items (HO-01)



1866 ABN Co. Llamitas Issues




1866 ABN Co. "Llamitas" collection: Mostly mounted on various pages with good range of plate proofs and die proofs, mint and used stamps including mint set in blocks x4 (very rare), a spectacular array of cancels, used multiples, etc. plus a wonderful array of covers incl. single and multiple frankings, regd mail, couple of combination frankings, 20c bisect usages, internal and overseas, cancels, etc. c17 proofs, 560+ stamps and 48 covers. Great basis for a multi-frame exhibit collection of this fascinating issue (PE-02)

Price $18,500


1942 Border War


Peru-Ecuador Border War: Interesting group of mostly stampless military covers from the Peruvian side of this short lived conflict showing a wide range of military cachets incl. command, battalion and regiment types, some "Frontera Norte" cachets and other markings, readdressed, undelivered mail with instructional marks, some with stamps, etc. c31 covers. Could make an unusual one-frame exhibit (PE-03)

Price $1,750



1914 The Unissued Zamor Series




An album of mostly archival material including some photographic essay pieces, set of numbered frame die proofs in black (some faults), annotated working dies (7), sunken dies (5), index file dies (12), set of specimens, some plate proofs and small range of finished stamps including several multiples. A unique assembly  (HA-001)

Price $7,500